Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hansen's Running Marathon Training

Gonna try to be better about updating, they will most likely be short and concise for the most part.

Will hopefully update my way thru training for my second full marathon. First was Seattle Inaugural RnR in 2009.

Day 1 of marathon training today. 3 miles. Stomach hurt after about the 2nd mile, but I'm not sure why. I'm going to try hard to improve nutrition during this training to hopefully avoid injury and illness.

That's all. John's last home bball game tonight, last home game at the Sapp Fieldhouse. Go Mavs!

Run Happy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vday Giveaways

Hey friends - just a quick note to let you all know that Janae and Bess are both giving away amazing gift bags for next Monday. I will be hoping I win so I can cram my face with sweets and forget about how I spent the last 4 years working my butt off at school and not looking for Mr. Right ;)

Check out Janae's here! I NEED NEW SUNGLASSES SO BAD!!!! I love reading Janae's blog. Even though I will never be as fast as her, I can totally relate to her obsession with candy.

And head here to see Bess' (Bess's?) giveaway. It's a mystery so it's gotta be good! I also really enjoy reading her blog (I give up on apostrophes) because she is a former soccer player and still miss it every day. So much that I just might be a sub on my friend Amy's team and maybe get on the team for next year's indoor season.

On a related note (related to the indoor part), it is COLDER THAN CRAP here. WTF?! I didn't realize that I hadn't even left Minnesota. Oh well. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Friday, February 4, 2011

For Reese - sorry the pics are so small. I messed it up.

The lovely lady over here informed me I need to update my blog so she can creep on it. Okay, then here you go. P.S. Your blog totally reminds me of that Mitch Hedberg joke:
I get the Reese's candy bar, if you read that name Reese's that's an apostrophe s. Reese-apostrophe-s, on the end of that name. That means the candy bar is his, I didn't know that! Next time you're eating a Reese's candy bar and a guy name Reese comes by and says, "Let me have that," you'd better hand it over. "I'm sorry, Reese, I didn't think I'd ever run into you! You're a fuckin' bully, man! Let me at least have a piece!"

I asked Nate (who is camped on my couch drinking beer and playing xbox) what I should blog about. Here's what he gave me:


I think I'll add a few things. And also, this is going to be photo heavy. I always enjoy creeping on the blogs with the most photos.

First off: Here's a picture of Nate and I. He is my beautiful sister's boy friend who drinks my beer and hogs the couch.

And here's my gorgeous sister Maren with Nate

Guess I could include a picture of my "little" brother John too. We call him Hoser. Lovingly.

He always makes that face. ALWAYS. He plays basketball for my (and Maren's and Nate's) alma mater, University of Nebraska Omaha.

Maren and I live together. This sign hangs in our kitchen, and it describes me perfectly (Maren's already a skinny bitch).

To hit one of Nate's topics, let's look at a couple photos of food.

My favorite snack before I decided I needed to lose some weight before my knees crumbled apart during my next marathon, is PB&J. This PB&J is pretty healthy, but I don't have it very often any more. :'(

Strawberry rhubarb preserves are the jelly of the gods. And any true Minnesotan will tell you that.

Every year, my friends from college get together and throw a huge thanksgiving dinner for all of our close friends. Every year, I make Better Than Sex Cake. I have been experimenting with it lately. Last year I made it as a layer cake with the rounds seen here. Year before I made cupcakes. I think the layer cake is the best; it gets eaten up better than the sheet version anyway.

It was SO F***ING GOOD.

Okay, a topic I would have picked, but Nate suggested it anyway. Running. I have been running since 7th grade, and long distance since 9th grade. I love running. When I graduated college, I was in the best shape of my life, gearing up for my first full marathon. Shortly after, I did something bad to my knee. With my infinite (ha!) knowledge that I have now, I'm pretty sure I tore a meniscus. Regardless, I was too chicken shit to go to an orthopod and have surgery. Besides, I was about to start PT school and that was going to be hard enough without a pair of crutches and a limp. Throughout PT school, I fell off the bandwagon of running, I relapsed into "fat" if you will, and I got just that. Fat. For me. I know that I am not obese, but I am heavy and especially for my body type, I am heavy. My clothes don't fit and I'm uncomfortable. I graduated in May and have been chipping away at my beer belly and the layer of flab, and it's making it's way slowly away. I know it will take a long time, and I'm okay with that. Took me 3 years to get to here, I know it will take hard work to get back to then. Anyway. I'm rambling (see title).

Here's me at my most recent race, a marathon I ran in 2009. Seattle Rock 'N' Roll. Ran it with my best friend from 1st grade. She trained in Boston, I trained in Omaha. We met in Seattle and had a blast. One of our friends we met through the twitter and blogger, Mike, hooked us up with his secret weapon - a Mars bar straight from England at mile 17.

Notice - heavy girl alert (I'm in green). Also, it wouldn't be a running blog without a great shot of these beauties:

Okay! Wow, this is getting long. Thanks for hanging with me if you are still there. I think I will blab about running more tomorrow, including the "team" I run for and Girls on the Run.

Hmm... on to Nate's suggestion, Zoe. Zoe is my roommate Olivia's cat and she's a real turd. I love her and she loves to snuggle with me, but she can be so naughty some times. Anyway, here she is.

If you go to my photo 365 blog you can see an adorable pic of her sticking her tongue out for Day 34. Maren and I also have 2 cats from before, so here's a couple pictures of my cat, Jack. They live with my parents now (long story). My dad probably won't let me have Jack back. He calls him Jackson Kitty. Jacky likes to hunt bugs in the grass during the summer time. And hang out on Mom's chairs.

Okay back to me time. This summer, I went out of the country for the first time to Mexico! It was for my bestie, Brown Bear aka Tina's wedding. I will only put 2 photos up from the trip.

The day we flew in, Jess, Andrea and I got in on time. Everyone else's flights were delayed. That was like 25 other people! The weather was PERFECT and we wandered the beach. I put my feet in the gulf for the second time (other was off the coast of Mississippi), first time in warm water.

I don't know if anyone remembers Hurricane Andrew of last summer? Yeah it was just Tropical Storm Andrew when we were in Mexico, but it rained EVERY DAY after that first perfect day. Including all day on Tina and Drew's wedding day :( That sucked. One day before the wedding, we decided to go ATVing in the jungle. It rained warm water and it was so fun. We also swam in cenotes and saw Mayan ruins. It was bad ass. I took this photo while Jess was driving.

The last thing Nate suggested I write about, which I totally agree with, is beer. I LOVE BEER. Give me a nice strong hoppy craft IPA (whoa lots of adjectives there) and I'm in heaven. This beer is brewed in my hometown of Brooklyn Center, MN and is my favorite beer of all time. Maren and Nate went to Minnesota this week and didn't buy me any. I'm considering disowning them. Surly Beer is to Me as Candy is to Janae

That good enough for now!? I will try to be more consistent from now on but no promises. Also, no guarantee that all of them will be as photogenic as this one. ENJOY! and RUN HAPPY!! :D

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin time!

So Sunday night we had zero trick-or-treaters. Probably because we live in an apartment complex. Oh well. At about 8:30, Maren, Nate and I decided we needed to carve pumpkins. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. We went to Wally World and they had zero (the box labeled FREE was empty). We went to HyVee and they had them for $5.00/pumpkin. Maren talked the guy down and we got them for $2.00/pumpkin. (ps. I went to HyVee tonight to grocery shop and all the pumpkins were free. Damn.) We didn't have a pumpkin carving kit so we used steak knives. We don't have a printer so we free hand drew our designs on and rocked them!!

Maren started out with a autumnally labeled wine. Yes I did make that word up. But autumnal is a word, so there! (ps. Mar- the pouring pics didn't work. My camera focused on the AFA mug. Oh well)

Clean 'em out!

Nate drawing on his design.

Maren drawing on her design.

Nate's off to a good start.

I couldn't decide on a design for awhile, but then I just went with the theme.

Nate's making progress now.

Nate and I finished first.

A little cinnamon to make things smell delightful (Nate's suggestion, believe it or not)


Halloween 2010 - Part 1 NSFW

How was your Halloween? I had a splendid time at a party on Saturday night at my friends' Aaron & Georgie's. Many good costumes including a peacock, Brett Favre, bumble bee, lady bug, Mr. Toad & Princess Peach, a fairy. Not many of the photos I took are appropriate for this family-friendly (ha! yeah right) blog. Still, NSFW. These photos are in no particular order :0

I went as Dr. Acula!

A nice photo of Dr. Acula and Princess Peach

Uh, thanks for creeping Kyle while I try to get my teeth in order.


Bret and Mr. Toad having a little chat.

Kyle is afraid. Very afraid.

Kyle wearing Aaron's hat

Armana shaking her tail feathers.

When Aaron put on the beard, it completed his outfit.

Aaron shaking his leg like Jack does when you rub his belly.

A bunch of teachers (Alan with Carlos, a witch, The Situation, and Mr. Toad) taking shots. Of vodka. Barf.

Next up, carving pumpkins with MarMar and Nate on Sunday!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My first food blog...braaaaainnnss

So, I decided I was going to bring brains cupcakes to this Halloween party I am going to tomorrow. Little did I know, doubling a recipe that calls for 12 will actually create 48. Shit. Anyhoo, this recipe is Anne Thornton's and can be found here.

Here's a lovely shot of my kitchen with all of the ingredients out on the counter.

I like to measure out my dry goods before mixing them all together. Alton Brown taught me that.

Eggs first - 4 of them. Good thing I had 7 left. I didn't exactly figure out if I had the ingredients to double the recipe before deciding to.

Now, the veg oil.

Next, is buttermilk. I don't keep that on hand but always have plenty of milk. My mom taught me how to make buttermilk by adding 1 T lemon juice to 1 C milk. Voila!

So one time awhile back, I put hot liquids in my plastic liquid measuring cup. Then rinsed it with cold water. It cracked. I didn't realize it was cracked all the way through until now. Oops. Buttermilk down!

Okay, added the "buttermilk" to the oil & eggs.

Next comes the last three wet ingredients, vinegar, vanilla & red food coloring. I bought gel food coloring last time. It colors frosting well, but I wish I had the liquid stuff for the actual batter. Oh well.

All the liquids together! Pre-mixed.

...and mixed! Red velvet here we come!

Hello dry goods, sifted and mixed together lovingly in another mixing bowl.

Jeez, good thing I used my biggest mixing bowl... It is at this point in my baking enterprise, I realize that I have forgotten to preheat the oven. Shit (again).

Do not judge my sweet old-school kitchen.

Zoey is bored and wants to play with the laser toy, but I don't have time now Zoey! Must finish braaaaainnns cupcakes!

Anne suggested using an ice cream scoop to put the batter in the baking cups. Mine isn't the same kind, but what the hell.

She also said it would be messy...

I got some really cute cups, but they were kind of cheap so they did that foldy thing which annoys me.

But they were so damn cute I couldn't resist!

Time to crack open #firstbeer - @Lakefront Brewery's IPA. YUM! I also listened to Getting Tanked with Frank throughout the baking process. Love those fools.

Ooh, looking good in the oven!

And out! Lovely!

Time to make some frosting!

Dry goods!

Wet goods (and my lovely written down grad school note taking style recipe copied down whilst watching her show)!

Butter + powdered sugar. Cream together.

There was a point where I was wondering if it was ever going to "cream." Then I remembered to add the milk:

Added vanilla and food coloring to make the gray brains color. I added a few drops of red, green and blue gel food coloring. It was pretty before it became brainy.


Close up!

And it all comes together to form a delightful brain gray.

I may have messed up the frosting a little and am nearing delirium at this point. I am sad because the decorating is only beginning. Not to mention the fact that I had only baked like 1 dozen at this point. *yawn*

Guess it's time for a second beer!

These are the best ones I did. I have a ton of bad ones to go with these. Not like I care. People are just going to eat them, right? And I hope they taste good!

So there you have it: my first food blog. I know this is nothing compared to some of the girls' blogs I read (Megan at The Runner's Kitchen, Monica at Run Eat Repeat, and Skinny Runner) but it was fun. And it took forever! It is now nearly 1 AM, I've been up since 6 AM and I'm exhausted. Enjoy!

Gotta run!