Monday, January 22, 2007

first blogger post

I wanted to step away from my LJ, wanted to have a blog for me, and if someone reads it, sweet. If not, its all right.

I have many goals right now. I am going to re-read the bible, alongside this blog on Slate. I was perusing Slate and came across it one day and decided to start reading it, again. I think this will be an interesting step in my faith. I have pretty strong convictions, I like to think that my faith is strong, but I also think it is important to continue to explore. And so there I am. I will probably use this blog to post my reflections.

Another goal of mine is this marathon. I have wanted to run in this marathon for a few years now, and have finally gotten up the nerve to train and prepare. I ran in a half marathon in September, and it went well. I think I can finish an entire 26.2 miles. I have two tentative training partners (I like to think of them as "partners in crime") in Brandon, who wants to run the marathon with me, and John, who wants to train for a half marathon (perhaps the one I ran). Having a running partner is exciting for me. I usually run alone and it will be fun to share some of the same experiences with someone else. So here we go boys. See you at Zorinski.

Another of my goals is to be more involved. I took a big step this past fall by integrating myself into the UNO College Democrats. I have become a pretty active member, helped out with the biggest and best GOTV effort in Omaha (and probably Nebraska), volunteered for a number of Democratic campaigns, and became more involved in politics than I have ever been before. I have always been a "non-meeting" member of the UNO College Dems, but I am having more fun as an active member. I won't be running for any offices any time soon, but I will be helping head a campaign to inform women of the HPV vaccine and helping with Yellow Dog University, to be held March 31, 2007.

For now, that is all. I will continue this as I continue walking (or sprinting) through this thing called life.