Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin time!

So Sunday night we had zero trick-or-treaters. Probably because we live in an apartment complex. Oh well. At about 8:30, Maren, Nate and I decided we needed to carve pumpkins. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. We went to Wally World and they had zero (the box labeled FREE was empty). We went to HyVee and they had them for $5.00/pumpkin. Maren talked the guy down and we got them for $2.00/pumpkin. (ps. I went to HyVee tonight to grocery shop and all the pumpkins were free. Damn.) We didn't have a pumpkin carving kit so we used steak knives. We don't have a printer so we free hand drew our designs on and rocked them!!

Maren started out with a autumnally labeled wine. Yes I did make that word up. But autumnal is a word, so there! (ps. Mar- the pouring pics didn't work. My camera focused on the AFA mug. Oh well)

Clean 'em out!

Nate drawing on his design.

Maren drawing on her design.

Nate's off to a good start.

I couldn't decide on a design for awhile, but then I just went with the theme.

Nate's making progress now.

Nate and I finished first.

A little cinnamon to make things smell delightful (Nate's suggestion, believe it or not)


Halloween 2010 - Part 1 NSFW

How was your Halloween? I had a splendid time at a party on Saturday night at my friends' Aaron & Georgie's. Many good costumes including a peacock, Brett Favre, bumble bee, lady bug, Mr. Toad & Princess Peach, a fairy. Not many of the photos I took are appropriate for this family-friendly (ha! yeah right) blog. Still, NSFW. These photos are in no particular order :0

I went as Dr. Acula!

A nice photo of Dr. Acula and Princess Peach

Uh, thanks for creeping Kyle while I try to get my teeth in order.


Bret and Mr. Toad having a little chat.

Kyle is afraid. Very afraid.

Kyle wearing Aaron's hat

Armana shaking her tail feathers.

When Aaron put on the beard, it completed his outfit.

Aaron shaking his leg like Jack does when you rub his belly.

A bunch of teachers (Alan with Carlos, a witch, The Situation, and Mr. Toad) taking shots. Of vodka. Barf.

Next up, carving pumpkins with MarMar and Nate on Sunday!