Thursday, April 16, 2009

zoom zoom!

My mom's is called "The Tribby". I like the star tribune and pretty much all things Minnesota, so for now, mine shall be called "The Stribby":

V6, 4WD, towing capabilities, great warranty, iPod cord jack (waaay better quality sound than the iTrip), the ability to have auto-start installed...ahh the capabilities.

This my friends, is my big girl car. Big girl, big car, big payment. Time to grow up I suppose. It'll be a bit of a struggle the first year while I finish school, but it won't be that bad once I graduate and get a job. A real job. With real, live patients. Eek!

Speaking of, today Maren and I were talking about how I was going to have so many bills to pay all by myself. And new bills that I never paid previously (like life insurance and car insurance & registration - my dad promised to pay car ins/reg until I graduated). I'm so effed!

So anyway, if anyone has a better suggestion for a name, I'm open! Comment!

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