Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vday Giveaways

Hey friends - just a quick note to let you all know that Janae and Bess are both giving away amazing gift bags for next Monday. I will be hoping I win so I can cram my face with sweets and forget about how I spent the last 4 years working my butt off at school and not looking for Mr. Right ;)

Check out Janae's here! I NEED NEW SUNGLASSES SO BAD!!!! I love reading Janae's blog. Even though I will never be as fast as her, I can totally relate to her obsession with candy.

And head here to see Bess' (Bess's?) giveaway. It's a mystery so it's gotta be good! I also really enjoy reading her blog (I give up on apostrophes) because she is a former soccer player and still miss it every day. So much that I just might be a sub on my friend Amy's team and maybe get on the team for next year's indoor season.

On a related note (related to the indoor part), it is COLDER THAN CRAP here. WTF?! I didn't realize that I hadn't even left Minnesota. Oh well. LOVE YOU GUYS!

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